Common Questions

1Is the color powder safe?

YES. Color King takes the health and safety of all of our clients seriously. Our Color powder is 100% safe. non-toxic, and is bio-degradable. It is NOT meant for consumption. As with any substance, you will want to keep our color powder out of your eyes and lungs.

Actual ingredients include Flour and FD&C colors. Color safety information: Approved for use in foods, cosmetics and drugs

2Is it hard to clean up?

NO. The Color powder is pretty easy to blow off and wash out with household products, but we have some precautions and tips to make it easier for you.

After the Color Party:
Have a Color Powder Blower station set up where volunteers are set up to blow the excess color off of participants. A leaf blower on the lowest setting works great! Instruct parent/guardians/carpool drivers to bring old towels to lay on the seats of vehicles for the trip home.

The color mostly washes out after events. Wearing your white Color King t-shirt is not only fun but it keeps your participants from ruining “good” clothes.

Instruct participants to wear shoes that they won’t mind getting dirty. The Color powder is expected to wash out of clothing and off of shoes but depending on the type of clothing, how long the dust sits on the clothing and the different methods of washing clothes, cleaning results may vary. Wash all clothes in a separate load on cold wash and rinse. If participants would like to preserve the color in their shirt, spray it with vinegar and iron it.

Hair and Skin:
We suggest shaking and blowing off as much Color Powder as possible before climbing into the shower. Brush hair vigorously to get as much dust out as possible. Thoroughly wash hair and body with soap and water. Hair may have to washed twice. If hair is light colored, we suggest putting in conditioner to “coat” hair and prevent any discoloration. If hair does become “colored”, it should wash out after two or three shampoos.

Our Color Powder is not harmful to wildlife or vegetation. Use leaf blowers to blow excess color dust off of walkways and to prevent the color powder from being tracked into buildings. If the Color Powder does get tracked into buildings, use a dust mop to clean floors.

To minimize the environmental impact of the Color Powder, we suggest that you put down tarps at Color stations. For large amounts of Color Powder.

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20 (50g) Packs
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